<![CDATA[SERVCAR - Blog]]>Fri, 09 Oct 2020 08:01:16 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[Vehicle 101: Tyres]]>Fri, 09 Oct 2020 06:43:33 GMThttp://servcar.com.my/blog/vehicle-101-tyresThe only thing separating your car from the road is its tyres. A properly looked after tyre lessens the chance of a blowout and keeps your vehicle on the road, as it should. Most people overlook the importance of maintaining proper tyre pressure.

Maintaining proper tyre inflation is relatively simple and essential to the overall performance of your vehicle. A properly inflated tyre will provide longer life, quicker steering response, better fuel efficiency and a smoother ride compared to an improperly inflated tyre. Both under and over inflation can cause problems such as premature thread wear and even tyre failure. It is recommended that you check your tyre pressure every month. 

Most people know how to add pressure to tyres but do you know what is the correct pressure for your vehicle? That information is readily available on a placard on the driver’s door jamb or in your owner’s manual. Tyres should be inflated when they are cold to get an accurate reading. Remember to inflate your spare tyre as well. It doesn’t hurt to prepare your umbrella before it rains.

It is recommended to have a separate tyre pressure gauge. There is a high margin of error for pressure gauges located at service stations due to their exposure to weather and are possibly inaccurate. It is a good idea to invest in an inexpensive gauge that will be more reliable. This will also allow you to measure the pressure when the tyres have cooled. 

Besides tyre pressure, tyre thread depth also plays an important role in providing a smooth and safe ride. A heavily worn thread will prefer a tyre from performing and lead to dangerous driving conditions. New tyres typically come with 7mm to 9mm thread depths. Some tyre models will have deeper threads than other models. It is vital to maintain a minimum thread depth of 1.6mm for your tyres. 

Your tyre should have consistent wear all around. Uneven thread wear could be a sign of improper inflation, wheel alignment or other problems. If you notice uneven thread wear, have your tyres checked by a professional to avoid more serious problems. 

A simple way to check tyre tread depth is by using a tyre depth gauge. These can be found at local workshops or accessories stores for a relatively inexpensive price. However, it should be kept in mind that a thread depth gauge is not the best indicator for whether your tyres are road-worthy. Tyre performance and diminish significantly even if the thread is more than 1.6mm. A tyre with improper thread wear could result in hydroplaning or lose control in rainy conditions. 

Besides tyre pressure and tyre thread depth which are relatively easy to check, wheel alignment contributes to your tyres performing properly and help them last longer. It improves handling and prevents your vehicle from pulling to one direction or vibrating strangely on the road. 

Alignment refers to an adjustment of your vehicle’s suspension; the system that connects a vehicle to its wheels. The key to proper alignment is adjusting the angles of the tyres which affects how they come into contact with the road. 

Do have your vehicle checked by a professional immediately if you notice uneven thread wear, the vehicle pulling to one direction, steering wheel going off centre when driving straight or steering wheel vibration. It is impossible to “self-align” your vehicle, you will do more harm than good to your vehicle. Save your time by getting your vehicle checked by a professional. 

<![CDATA[Why Should You Opt For Mobile Mechanics]]>Fri, 25 Sep 2020 06:57:47 GMThttp://servcar.com.my/blog/why-should-you-opt-for-mobile-mechanics
We all know our vehicles require regular maintenance to keep them operating at 100%, but sometimes life can get in the way. Work, family and many other factors can take precedence over taking our cars to the mechanic to have servicing and repairs carried out. Having to take a day off work to drop the car off and wait around until it’s completed, or work out a way to get to and from work as well as doing the school run can make the idea of visiting the mechanic shop a daunting thought.

But, there is a solution to all this - mobile mechanics. Mobile mechanics usually operate from a fully stocked van or utility, and can perform almost all the same tasks that traditional bricks and mortar mechanical workshops can. Here are 5 benefits of using a mobile mechanic for your next service or repair.

1. They come to your home or workplace

The most obvious benefit of using a mobile mechanic is that they can work on your car at your home or while you are at work. As long as you have a flat, safe area away from main roads, a mobile mechanic can carry out servicing and repairs, leaving you to continue your day at home or work without having to worry about getting to and from the workshop.

2. They can come to you when you are broken down
If your vehicle has left you stranded on the side of the road with a flat battery, or something more serious, a mobile mechanic can make their way out to you and may even be able to fix your vehicle on the spot, saving you from paying for a tow truck to your nearest workshop and then waiting for them to have an opening available to look at your vehicle.

3. They can carry out almost all servicing and repairs on site
Mobile mechanics are fully qualified to carry out the necessary repairs on your vehicle, from brakes to timing belts and everything in between. There can be some repair jobs that they are unable to carry out, such as repairs that require a hoist, but the mobile mechanic will be able to inform you of these repairs and can often organise a workshop to carry these larger jobs for you.

4. Mobile mechanic services are often cheaper than their workshop counterparts
Due to not having large overheads that are common with workshop, mobile mechanics can often pass these savings on to you when you have your vehicle serviced or repaired by them.

5. You can oversee the work carried out
When you drop your vehicle off at a workshop, you may not be able to see what is happening on it, whereas with a mobile mechanic, you can speak to them during the process, and go through any parts or components that require replacing with the mechanic - although keeping your distance when the mechanic is working under the vehicle is advisable so they are not distracted.

So next time your vehicle is due for a service or repair, consider using a mobile mechanic - like one from SERVCAR - to have your vehicle serviced at your home or work.
<![CDATA[Penting untuk memeriksa kenderaan anda]]>Fri, 17 May 2019 06:25:12 GMThttp://servcar.com.my/blog/penting-untuk-memeriksa-kenderaan-andaPernahkah kenderaan anda gagal diwaktu anda mermerlukannya?
Pernahkah kenderaan anda tidak dapat berfungsi seperti mana yang sepatutnya?
Pernahkah anda berasa takut untuk memandu kenderaan anda pada masa perayaan, pada masa balik kampung ataupun pada masa dimana anda perlu memandunya untuk satu perjalanan yang jauh?

Mestilah tidak pernah anda memikirkannya jikalau kenderaan anda adalah baru. Apakata jikalau kenderaan anda telah berusia..6 tahun? 8 tahun? 10 tahun?


Kami di ACCMS sangat memahami perasaan dan situasi yang dinyatakan diatas. Banyak pelanggan kami mengalami masalah kenderaan yang mana jikalau diperika ataupun diketahui awal, adalah boleh dielak daripada menjadi masalah besar. 

Disini kami memberi sedikit tips memeriksa kenderaan anda yang anda boleh lakukan sendiri. 

1. Periksa tangki coolant (tu.. yang berwarna hijau/merah..). Air sepatutnya berada diantara MAX and MIN. Jikalau paras air berada dibawah MIN, tambah air and terus ke bangkel kereta untuk check kebocoran... (air tidak akan hilang jika tidak bocor/ada masalah). Kebocoran air adalah sangat serious jikalau tidak diperhati dengan baik. Engine tu boleh mengalami kepanasan yang lebih (overheat la tu). Ada pulak, kebocoran berlaku didalam engine... ah.. itu habis-Air masuk engine, satu engine kena tukar/overhaul.

2. Periksa minyak pelincir (minyak hitam). Ada itu alat ukur panggil "dipstick". Paras minyak perlu berada diantara MAX-MIN. Ada yang mempunyai 2 titik. Sama maksud - mesti berapa diantara 2 titik tersebut. Jikalau, paras minyak berapa dibawah titik/MIN yang paling bawah, segera beli 1 liter minyak pelincir dan hantar ke bengkel. Adalah kemungkinan besar terdapat kebocoran atau masalah dalaman engine menyebabkan minyak pelincir dibakar terlalu banyak. Kehilangan atau kekurangan minyak pelincir juga adalah masalah yang serious. Satu engine boleh rosak kalau dibiarkan lama-lama.

3. Rasa and dengar semasa memandu. Kita boleh merasa perbezaan and bunyi yang pelik semasa memandu. Ini la penunjuk kenderaan anda akan sakit/ada masalah ataupun telah sakit/ada masalah. Ini perlu diperiksa oleh bengkel kereta untuk mengetahui sakit/masalah tu penting atau tidak. Seperti badan kita, kalau kita selsema, kebiasaanya kita biarkan begitu je- bagi dia sembuh sendiri. Tapi itu kalau selsema biasa. Mana kita tahu kan? Jumpa doctor baru tahu. 

4. Tekanan udara tayar and bunga tayar. Jangan ingat tekanan tayar itu tak penting. Tayar sebenarnya adalah benda keselamatan. Tayar mengelakkan kenderaan tergelincir, memastikan perjalanan yang selesa dan sepatutnya. Macam kasut anda.. pakai kasut yang tak ada bunga.. tergelincir la kita dijalan yang basah. Kalau getah kasut (tapak kasut) kita nipis sehingga tapak kaki kita dah macam sentuh lantai, kaki kita tak selesa berjalan, dan kemungkinan cedera. Jadi, perlu periksa tekanan udara tayar seperti yang dinyatakan oleh pembuat kenderaan. Ini bukan sahaja untuk keselamatan anda, juga menjaga dompet anda (menjimat petrol)

Diatas, adalah benda-benda yang kita boleh periksa sendiri tiap-tiap hari. Ada banyak lagi benda yang penting untuk diperiksa (Minyak brek, brake pad, minyak transmisi, lampu, tali sawat, bateri, suspensi, dan lain-lain.


Jangan takut, anda boleh la mintak SERVCAR yang mana "jurutera" mereka akan datang ke rumah anda untuk membuat pemeriksaan kenderaan anda. Mereka datang dengan alat-alat dan teknologi yang diperlukan supaya, anda hanya risau nak pergi mana bercuti sahaja. SERVCAR akan periksa and memberikan nasihat yang diperlukan.